Harvard Boston: The Biomechanics of Charisma

  • July 1, 2021
July 30, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am Australia/Sydney Timezone
Harvard Boston: The Biomechanics of Charisma

We all seek charisma because we know it has the power to attract the right people and opportunities into our lives, enhance our personal and business relationships, and give us that special “x-factor” that makes us seen, heard, and valued. What if someone told you that Charisma is as much a physical state of the body as a psychological state of the mind?

In this workshop, Jessica Li, founder of MOVETRUE, will teach you a few simple tools, based on the science of biomechanics, that will help you reorganize your body’s soft tissue. These small but powerful adjustments will align, stretch, and ground your body and help you to release muscle tension, improve your posture, and promote energy flow. The result will be new “inner feelings” of strength, connectedness, balance, stability, and grace that will magnify your charisma and heighten your influence in the business realm and beyond.

HAE Boston is hosting this workshop as part of our Mind & Body Series

Areas of Interest: Charisma, Executive presence, Public speaking, Presentation, Leadership, Influence, Confidence

About Jessica Li

Jess Li is the founder of MOVETRUE, a holistic online fitness program that focuses on building strength, poise, and confidence through body education and movement study. Jess became a professional competitive ballroom dancer after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and psychology at Harvard. As a late-starter in dance, Jess struggled both physically and psychologically until she discovered the revolutionary power of biomechanics. This discovery led Jess to become a top-ranking dancer in both the United States and the world and propelled her to found MOVETRUE during the pandemic. To date, MOVETRUE has helped over 2,000 members in 600 online classes access their bodies as a source of inner power, charisma, and confidence.

Zoom: https://harvard.zoom.us/j/98317514697?pwd=cllYRFZ5WTAyeDVPUC9SaWg1UzBWUT09#success

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