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  • July 2, 2021
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Asset Reports has been providing property reporting services for the real estate industry since 2007. We prepare Tax Depreciation Schedules and Property Condition Reports for residential and commercial properties, helping you provide your clients with a premium service to protect their property and maximise their return on investment.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

Most investors are not aware that they could be claiming the depreciation of their property in their tax returns. Depreciation is often the second biggest tax deduction on an investment property after interest and having a Tax Depreciation Schedule in place can save thousands in tax deductions each financial year. Every investor should consider depreciation as part of their investment strategy. With a one-off tax-deductible fee, the schedule lasts up to forty years and deductions can be claimed throughout the life of the property.


Asset Reports can help you share this with your clients, showing expertise and that you will go over and above to provide them with the best service for their investment property and maximise their return on investment.

  • Help your investors save thousands each financial year.
  • Show your investors you will go over and above to protect their investment.
  • Provide your clients with a premium service.

To enquire about a Tax Depreciation Schedule, complete the attached booking form or email for more info. We can also provide free estimates to help your owners make an informed decision before they proceed.

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