Pre-Listing Tools

Appointment-Confirmation-Email Help-Mat-Help-You Jamie-Benjamin-Pre-List-Email PRE-LIST-PACKAGE-1pg Pre-List-Questionnaire1 Pre-List-Questions Questions-at-the-Listing-Presentation

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Agent Listing Tools

4 Types of Buyers Agent-Interview-Questions Bidders-Template Case-Studies Century 21 Listing Form Follow-up-email-after-a-Listing-Presentation GR-Profile-Kit-final Guarantee-of-Service-updated  Josh Hart Listing Booklet Listing-Presentation-Meeting-Agenda Listings-Per-Quarter Net-Figure-Form RG-Recent-Sales-Booklet Ruma-Mundi-Meeting-Agenda Sample-Listing-Presentation-Agenda Submission-Template

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Job Descriptions

Agent-Role Agent-Role-Single Assistant-Role Brendan-Pomponio-EBU-Roles-Responsibilities Job Description Sales Agent Personal Assistant Red-PA-Blue-PA EBU-Structure-Incentive-Scheme Sale-Associate-Role Team-Roles-Responsibilities

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Ideal Week Planner

Agent-Ideal-Week-Example Andrew-Lutzes-Ideal-Week Charles-Toumas-Ideal-Week Ideal-Week-Sample Ideal-Week-Template Matt Lancashire’s Idea Week Phil-Harris-Ideal-Week Real-Estate-Gym-Daily-Design-System-2018

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Agent Checklists

Checklist-World-Class-Fridays-Saturdays Ray White Checklist-By-Negotiation-Campaign Ray White Checklist-Auction-Campaign Ray White Checklist-Appraisal Listing-Checklist

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Business Card Templates

Please send an e-mail to so we can organise the proof of the business cards for you. Please order through Oxbridge Business Cards Template – Front (JPG Format) Oxbridge Business Cards Template – Front (TIF Format) Oxbridge Business Cards Template – Front (PDF Format)  Oxbridge Business Cards Template – Back (JPG Format) Oxbridge Business Cards Template – Back …

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