Oxbridge Agents Affiliates Referral Program

  • July 4, 2019

Oxbridge is proud to offer the most generous affiliate program in the country. Oxbridge Affiliates are paid on all commission referred including:

  • Sales Commission
  • Rental Commission
  • Finance Commission
  • Builder Commission
  • Solar Referrer Commission
  • Conveyancing and Legal Commission
  • Real Prospect Leads Generation Commission

The program is free to join. All affiliates must have a sponsoring referrer affiliate to join.

When you refer another affiliate to Oxbridge, you will receive 3% commission for every sale, finance brokerage or rental etc that Oxbridge receives. If they refer another affiliate you’ll receive 2% of everything they sale or rent etc. If they do the same it will be 1%. This goes down 5 levels deep. These referral fees will be for life as long as you are with Oxbridge. We will issue you with a monthly statement.

Once you join you will be given your own free webpage to promote to other potential affiliates. You are also given your access to your own CRM and create marketing campaigns. Affiliates do not necessarily need to hold a real estate or finance license and can be merely referring a lead as a seller, borrower or buyer etc. All payments are automated and are paid monthly.

  • Register to be an affiliate at
  • Login at
  • Reset your password at

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