Dedicated ManagedApp Training

  • November 10, 2022
January 16, 2023 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Australia/Sydney Timezone
Dedicated ManagedApp Training

Dear Oxbridge Partners and Affiliates,

Oxbridge offers fully licensed agents and property managers with full membership the highest splits for property management (90%) in the industry. Oxbridge agents keeps 100% of your rentals equity when managing your own properties using ManagedApp, an unique trust-free fully automated fully compliant software. Property Management under a traditional structure is unsustainable, where the property managers often receives little attention from the agency, handles an incredible number of properties (often over 250) and is disproportionally paid especially considering the amount of abuse from tenants and landlords.  No wonder PMs has one of the highest turnovers in the industry with significantly large percentage of PMs suffering mental health issues  (See

Why work for others to build their dream (and their brand_ when you can build you own business (and your brand) and your own dream today!

Along with our weekly Thursday sessions we are holding an exclusive one hour personalised live training session on Monday 16th January, 2023 at 1.30pm AEST. This is to cater to the extraordinary large number of members that have joined Oxbridge over the New Year holiday.

Date and Time: Monday 16th January, 2023, 1.30pm AEST (12.30pm QLD, WA, 10,30am, SA/NT 12pm)

LEARN THE ENTIRE SOFTWARE of Managed App end to end:

– How to upload Properties
– How to upload Tenants
– How to upload Landlords
– How to upload Creditors
– How to add, renewal and terminate Leases
– How to use action centre
– Arrears
– Lease renewals
– Entering creditor bills
– Entering tenant invoices
– Generating tenancy ledgers and statements

*ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS* to Managed App and Oxbridge as you need so you feel confident in using the software!


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