[Finance] IMBF 2023 World Summit

  • March 17, 2023
September 7, 2023 – September 10, 2023 all-day Australia/Sydney Timezone
[Finance] IMBF 2023 World Summit

Dear Oxbridge Partners and Affiliates,

Oxbridge is one of the largest mortgage brokers in Australia with over 100+ mortgage and private finance brokers attached to Oxbridge Finance and Oxbridge Capital. We work with 3 aggregators, Connective, Outsource and Finsure. Oxbridge brokers won the “broker of the year award” with Outsource Financials.  If you are thinking of becoming a residential or commercial mortgage broker this session is not to be missed.  There are a few professionals within Oxbridge that hold the unique combination of mortgage brokering, migration agent and real estate full license qualification.

Oxbridge invites all members to the The International Mortgage Brokers Federation presents its inaugural world summit! (See https://namb.org/inspire_events/imbf-2023-world-summit/)

Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Caesars Palace 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89109
Time and Date:  Thursday-Sunday, September 7th- 10th, 8am-5pm

Join over 100 brokers around the world for this one day event, looking at the issues facing brokers in Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada and the UK.

Cost USD $2990 includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation & breakfasts
  • Friday night IMBF dinner
  • bespoke attendee gifts
  • entry into NAMB National 2023

Registration closes July 31

Early Bird Discount USD $2500 closes July 15
Use code: IMBF2023EARLY

ABOUT IMBF WORLD SUMMIT 2023 (See https://namb.org/events/imbf-2023/)

Welcome to the Inaugural IMBF World Summit 2023. Let’s do some great work while networking with colleagues from around the world in finance & mortgage brokering – gathered all in one place !

Join Peter White, Chairman of the IMBF Global Board of Governors, for this first global summit!

We’ll discuss matters that are greatly impacting attendees across the world & we’ll work together as a global team to find resolutions. These key issues will be incorporated in a White Paper, outlining proposed resolutions & outcomes, that attendees can take to their own country’s government & regulators.

This summit is the first of its kind. IMBF strongly believes it will have a positive impact, demonstrating that attendees are part of a powerful & informed global community developing intelligent outcomes.

IMBF brings attendees to this global conversation & includes FREE registration to NAMB’s 50th anniversary conference, here in the USA!


Although the details around when and how brokers receive commission varies from lender to lender, generally speaking: Upfront commission: 0.65% (+GST) to 0.85% (+GST)

The upfront commission is the largest component of the commission. The broker receives this once your loan settles. Trail commission is what the broker receives every month for the life of the loan. Usually, this trail is set at 0.15%-0.40% per annum based on the remaining loan amount each year.  To be clear, mortgage brokers don’t work for the banks, although there are some mortgage brokerages that are partly-owned by banks and larger lenders. Oxbridge is always 100% independent (e.g. Aussie is owned by Lendi which is owned by numerous shareholders including CBA, 1835i (ANZ’s external venture capital partner) and Macquarie Bank, RAMS is owned by Westpac, REA owns Mortgage Choice etc)

The key to a successful mortgage broking business are the leads. With over 4,100+ online listings and another 1,000 off market listings the Oxbridge Real Estate business provides an excellent source of lead generation.

Working on a typical loan size of $750,000 and writing 20 loans in the first year. The commission received by the broker would be

$750,000 (20 x 0.70% + 20* 0.45%) = $105,000 (upfront) + $67,500 (Trail) = $172,500.

Top brokers in Australia (See https://www.mpamag.com/au/best-in-mortgage/top-100-brokers-2022/429801) receive well in excess each year of $3M upfront commission and at least 3x that in terms of trail commissions for the life of the loan. Several Oxbridge brokers are doing exceptionally well earning 6 figure income. Some Oxbridge members are dual qualified in mortgage brokering and real estate which is a huge competitive advantage in the market place. Trail commission is really true passive income

The Oxbridge Finance and Oxbridge Capital Team

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