Finance Training – Tanya Sale CEO Outsource

  • September 21, 2021
September 24, 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Australia/Sydney Timezone
Finance Training - Tanya Sale CEO Outsource

Dear Oxbridge Partners and Affiliates,

Oxbridge is pleased to invite Tanya Sale, CEO and Founder of Outsource. Outsource is one of the fastest growing aggregators in the country. Tanya is a brilliant entrepreneur having built a successful company overcoming professional and personal challenges. Tanya is going to:

1. Introduce us to finance brokering – industry overview
2. Outsource
3. Getting into Finance
4. Leads Generation – how to earn a large trail and upfront

Having worked for many years in the Banking and Finance industry, Tanya Sale, wanted to make a difference in the third party mortgage sector, so utilising models she created over the past decade, she wanted to change the way lending was conducted in this country

She could see that the professional services sector (i.e. Agents, Planners, Accountants, Legal, etc) would see mortgage broking as a logical diversification bolt on to their core business and provide further value to their customers.

During this time, many Aggregators were being bought or partially bought out by major banks and Tanya could see the importance of an independent alternative for mortgage brokers, unlike any other Aggregator in the market.

Creating three unique business models for brokers and referrers and in partnership with Andrea Tassis, outsource Financial was born on the 1st of April, 2010. It was the beginning of “The New Era”.

Since that time, outsource has grown from a boutique aggregator, focused on delivering lending to the professional sector services to a medium-sized aggregator, all the while staying true to our core values.


Time: 12.30pm Friday 24th September, 2021

The Oxbridge Team

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