Master Class, Parable of the Sadhu

  • June 25, 2021
July 15, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm Australia/Sydney Timezone
Master Class, Parable of the Sadhu

One of the initiatives of the 2018 club strategy, responding to member demand, was to create a series of Master Classes, offered by people with special expertise and experience. Already the series has been a hit, providing innovative learning opportunities through interactive discussions with a broad spectrum of other members.

The Parable of the Sadhu case, based on a famous HBR article challenges participants on issues of moral dilemma,  values (which often place goal achievement ahead of other considerations) personal versus group responsibility, and making decisions in a crisis.

The story: A hot-shot upcoming investment banker is granted a 6-month sabbatical from his prestigious firm to “find himself” and to grow as a future leader. He uses this to undertake a demanding trek and ascent in the Himalayas, the world’s tallest mountain range, accompanied by one other westerner. On the most critical day of their entire journey, an unexpected event occurs that tests him, his values and beliefs, his courage and his ability to make decisions of which he will later be proud.

Our first club session, Leadership Lessons from the American Civil War, was highly rated by all who attended. This Master Class will be led by the same Club Life Member, a Harvard MBA who, over the last 5 years, has presented the Sadhu case to a range of audiences with similarly positive responses. No prior preparation is needed other than optional reading of a short (4-page) HBR extract that will be sent to all participants in advance.

While analysing the crisis, its ethical and practical issues, you will ponder how you would react in situations that pose similar dilemmas. With broad applicability to any career or profession, it is particularly recommended, though by no means exclusively, for younger and mid-career members.

Venue:    Perpetual Trustees, Level 18, 123 Pitt Street,  Sydney

Date:     Thursday, 15th July 2021

Cost:      $65 per person

Time :    5.30 pm – afternoon tea, meet & mingle

6.00 pm sharp – Class begins

Break-out discussion session during the class

8:00 pm  – Class ends

Drinks and canapés till 9.00 pm

The venue has proved ideal for our purposes. There is a per person charge for the room and catering


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