Mortgage and Finance Brokering: National Director of Outsource Heather Gallagher

  • August 5, 2021
August 6, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am Australia/Sydney Timezone
Mortgage and Finance Brokering: National Director of Outsource Heather Gallagher

Dear Oxbridge Partners and Affiliates,

Oxbridge Capital and Finance offers private finance and mortgage brokering opportunities for new and experienced brokers to earn maximum commission splits (see Oxbridge provides free training and mentoring (many mortgage brokers will charge for this) for those just starting out in the industry. If you want to learn more about the brokering industry or would like to learn more about the training we have and join our existing 30+ brokers please attend this session. Mortgage brokering is an excellent way to make money off the BUYER leads whilst also earning an income off SELLER’S leads from the real estate side.

Time: Friday 6th August, 2021 at 10am AEST

We have the pleasure of inviting Heather Gallagher, National Director of Training from Outsource Financial (, Oxbridge’s Aggregator to join us this Friday 6th August, 2021 at 10am AEST. Heather is a finalist at the Australian Women in Finance Award and winner at the Australia Mortgage Award. Heather gives our brokers weekly and monthly training as well as frequent updates in the industry.

OutSource is one of Australia’s largest  multi award-winning aggregators (See Outsource Financial allows its accredited mortgage brokers access to an extensive panel of lenders; across various channels including residential, commercial, asset, motor vehicle and equipment finance, personal, private funding and insurances. The panel consists of all the major lenders, second and third tier lenders, and a selection of specialist loan providers to allow you the ability to search for the best products to suit your clients’ needs.


Ms Gallagher has always had a passion for education, and she herself has benefited from the assistance of mentors at various stages of her career. But her path to becoming a mentor was somewhat unconventional.

Prior to joining outsource financial in February, she spent four years as a business development manager for BOQ. During her time at the bank, she would consider ways in which she could differentiate herself from other BDMs and decided to provide coaching and mentoring to brokers as a value-add. Further she spent 4 more years at Westpac, again winning various awards.

Having mentored countless number of brokers throughout her career, both formally and informally, one of Ms Gallagher’s main observations is that many brokers struggle to have “whole-of-wallet” conversations with clients, which would allow them to generate more revenue by catering to more of their existing and future clients’ needs.

The Oxbridge Team

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