The CIO and The Start-up Founder

  • August 4, 2019
October 4, 2019 @ 3:30 am – 6:30 am Australia/Sydney Timezone
MongoDB Australia
Level 7 Chinatown Centre
Architecting for Innovation
The CIO and The Start-up Founder @ MongoDB Australia | Sydney  | AU

For this meet up we are working with Triniti on a great meet-up around getting your tech start-up up and running and most importantly to market without too many distractions.

Questions being asked.

How do I take my idea and build a startup?
Show me the money!
How do I scale?
I’m a CIO should I be running this show?
How do I avoid Founder’s syndrome?
When do I exit and how?

Triniti is a collective of 20+ Founders, Software Engineers, Creatives, Investors and Mentors. Triniti is based in Sydney, Hong Kong and London.

They work with corporates and founders to rapidly envision, build and launch high growth ventures. Trinity does this via their unique Venture Building software platforms and proven startup building methodology.

They have built a platform that helps startups build their companies quicker. Introducing;

FounderOS – An Enterprise-Grade Innovation Developer Framework

The FounderOS stack contains the following dimensions:
• Project & Task Management
• Analytics & Monitoring
• Front-end & Back-end patterns
• Security & Identity Management
• Continuous Integration & Delivery

The benefits FounderOS provides;
• Preassembled and configured technology and infrastructure stacks.
• Significantly de-risks corporates and investors investments as the framework is a solid, scalable and significantly reduce technical risks.
• Makes building startups faster, cheaper and allows teams to build software that’s much more sophisticated and scalable than is possible by starting from scratch.
• Improves the efficiency of combined onshore and offshore development teams.

Speakers and panel

• Andre Gallo – Co-founder & CTO at Triniti Studio
Andre is a serial company founder who has a strong blend of design, technical and commercial expertise. He has worked in diverse environments across Australia, the US and Latin America. He is driven and outcome-focused and is committed to working with founders and corporates to envision, build and launch high growth startups.

• Adam Ezekiel – CTO/ Architecture/ Entrepreneur

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